ThermoFlo Modes of Operation

Flow/Hydraulic Network Mode:

In this mode of operation, various sub-systems are represented as flow-passages or “Flow Bars” in the ThermoFlo model.  “Flow Bars” are virtual flow devices with a single inlet and a single outlet. Various “Flow Bars” are connected to each other using “End Points”.  “End-Points” are “ideal” connectors with zero volume and zero flow losses; therefore, the possible associated losses must be taken into consideration by the connecting Flow Bars.

Thermodynamics Analysis Mode:

This approach breaks a complex engineering system into sub-systems call “Components”.  Each component has its characteristic equations defining its thermodynamic behavior.  Components can have multiple inlets and outlets.  Each inlet/outlet of a component is identified by a Thermodynamic End-Points; i.e., an End-Point may be “inlet” to one component and “outlet” to another. Components and the associated end-points may be connected in a path or a cycle using ideal connection bars.