ThermoFlo Overview

ThermoFlo is a thermodynamics, fluid flow and thermal analysis software package for providing solutions to complex engineering systems across many different industries and applications. ThermoFlo uses an efficient component-based 1D systems modeling methodology.  This approach is inherently much faster and requires far less computational resources than the detailed 3D analysis, making it ideal for rapid prototyping.  Moreover, since ThermoFlo does not require detail geometric and performance data, it is the ideal analysis tool during upfront, conceptual and design phase of the development cycle.

In a ThermoFlo model, a complex engineering system is represented as a network of components and flow paths.  Component models can be based on:

  • Text-book equations and correlations,
  • Test data libraries and performance charts, or
  • Previous 3D thermal/CFD analysis results.

ThermoFlo is equipped with many unique features designed to increase user productivity  and simplify model creation process.  These include:

  • Custom Complex Math Expressions: Complex algebraic math expressions and tables to define components properties using any system variable(s), as shown in the figure above.
  • Drag-and-Drop User Interface: This feature simplifies the model creation by allowing the user to drag and connect parts onto the model screen.
  • Customizable Parts: The user can easily modify existing parts to create customized components.  The process is intuitive and straight-forward and requires no programming.
  • Steady-state and Transient Analysis: Simulations can be performed in steady-state or transient mode with full control of transient time-steps.
  • Load Cases / Global Variables: Ideal for parametric studies and “what if” analyses of different scenarios.